24 September 2013

Love to Dream Swaddles - A must have

I was recently sent a swaddle up lite to try from the lovely team at love to dream
I was very excited to trial it out as our gorgeous little man never liked being swaddled as they show you in the hospital with their arms down by their side, straight jacket style. I was using muslin wraps and wrapping him up underneath his armpits as he would sleep with his arms up like goal posts but the little worm usually managed to 'escape' before too long. The swaddle up light is the perfect solution as it allows the baby to be swaddled with their arms up!

I initially trialled it for Ned's afternoon nap and almost immediately after putting the swaddle on the little man was settled. I put him in his moses basket and he happily slept for around an hour. Those of you who have kids know that any extended period of time that the baby is resting is priceless. The following night we zipped Ned into his swaddle and just as the packet advertised it helped him self settle and he was asleep before we knew it. That night Ned slept for five hours straight - that was beyond joyful. When we got up to change his nappy (diaper to those of you playing in America), I was excited to notice two zips meaning you don't need to take the swaddle completely off - helpful when you're fumbling around at two in the morning and trying your hardest to not disrupt or wake up your little one. The design is also perfect for the little ones who have busy hands and manage to scratch themselves silly. As we have affectionately nicknamed Ned 'the conductor', the swaddle up is perfect. The lite version is especially good for warmer climates and seasons and the material is just divine. Seriously, if  they made them in adult size I would wear one.

This product does everything it advertises and I one hundred percent LOVE IT.

The whole range of Love To Dream swaddles can be bought directly from the Love To Dream website or visit their stockists page.

This very funky striped design is a limited edition so be sure to snap one up before they sell out!

{this is a sponsored post}

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