20 November 2013

Want your child to Love to Dream?

I've spoken of my love for love to dream swaddles before and need to report that the love has not wavered. Zipping Ned up in his love to dream is part of our bedtime routine and after a large bottle of formula we place him in his moses basket and he settles himself to sleep (sometimes after a bit of a 'chat').

Love to dream has recently released a set of short videos demonstrating the benefits of self-soothing and how their range of products supports and encourages it. I know when it comes to babies that one-size-does-not-fit-all but the swaddle has more than worked for us. I encourage everyone I can to at least give the swaddles a go because from the day we started using it for Ned he slept better and longer. At fourteen weeks old he sleeps for roughly seven straight hours, wakes for a quick feed and back down to sleep for another couple of hours. I certainly do not feel like a sleep deprived mum!

There are four videos which have recently been released and each is only a minute or two long.

You can visit the Love to Dream website directly to view the videos (and purchase products) or view the clips linked above or on Love to Dream's YouTube channel

After watching the videos I learnt that you can leave the swaddle on for travelling in the capsule/car seat. I'll certainly be trying this out next time we're out! I'm also be shortly purchasing the transition swaddle as Ned has just about outgrown his original swaddle.

Stay tuned for a sleepbag giveaway shortly courtesy of the lovely team at Love to Dream! How cool is the print?!

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