03 January 2014

Healthy Trainee Mummy

I love food and I also love exercise. And I do a lot of exercise. As they say though, weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. Whenever I have decided to diet in the past, I never get very far as thoughts of chocolate cake, lollies and all things bad are never far from the front of my mind. Now for those of you who think clean eating and such phenomenons are a crock of shit silly, I'm still with you. I have not quit sugar and I have not bought any quinoa, protein powder or decided that my day will start with a green smoothie (nor have I quit wine). I have however gone to the supermarket and bought a pile of ingredients to follow week 1 of the 28 day diet and exercise plan from lose baby weight. I was kindly sent the book by the team at lose baby weight a few months ago and only now have decided to give at least week one a whirl. I have also purchased some of the healthy mummy smoothie powders to introduce a smoothie for either breakfast or lunch and there is a multitude of recipes and other resources available here. Oh, and they currently have a 20% off promotion running (use code JANUARY) so check it out!

Now I know a lot of people will see this photo and wonder why I am embarking on a bit of a weight loss regime, but Ned is nearly five months old and I feel ready and determined to get as much of my pre-baby-body back as I can. AND my twin sister is getting married in just over a month's time.
This photo was taken on New Years day at Alexandra Headland beach. I weighed myself this morning and seems I lost weight over Christmas (even though I had copious amounts of wine and food).

January 1 - photo taken
January 3 - 64.5kg

I'll check back in weekly with updates if anyone is interested? Oh, and the smoothies are the only meal replacement approved by nutritionists for breast feeding mothers. Win, Win!

By the way, how expensive is it to eat healthily? 

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