31 January 2014

My Imperfect Life

The majority of us portray ourselves and our lives as wonderfully fantastic on social media - wonderfully fantastic things like beautiful outfits, cute babies, fancy food and the newest bestest nail polish on the market. I don't know about you but my life certainly isn't perfect and I'm here to prove it - baby tears, mummy tears, untidy houses, makeup free faces, natural hair, post-baby bodies and all sorts of normal. 

no makeup selfie before gym
an overtired baby who won't go to sleep (currently letting him cry it out)
 yep, that's the state of my walk in wardrobe at the moment
post-gym and post-baby-body selfie
a mosquito bite on Ned's face (mother of the year)
dishes not done
 nails - and yep, they've been that way for weeks

Want to join me? PLEASE?!

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Let's get real people!

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