15 April 2014

Making Food Time Easy with Tommee Tippee - Review and Giveaway

As hip, cool and relaxed as I may seem as a trainee mama, I just can't quite handle the baby-wed-leaning (or BLW for the cool kids) craze that a lot of new mums seem to have embraced. As Ned has tried more and more food I've started introducing a more chunkier food and do give him the occasional 'whole' food (like toast, fruit or rice crackers) to keep him occupied but I watch him like a hawk waiting for that bit of food that goes down the wrong way to cause him to gag. My hook reflex has improved remarkably but it doesn't make it any easier or less-heart-stopping when my sweet little baby has food stuck in his throat.

So, when Tommee Tippee offered me a range of feeding products to try I jumped at the chance. I'm very excited at a longer term relationship with this fabulous Australian brand and am also happy to share that one lucky reader will win this prize pack that I've kindly been sent to review.

All-in-one food processor
I would have loved to receive this fabulous machine earlier (especially because our microwave carked it) - it has five functions in one - bottle steriliser/warmer, food warmer, steam cooker and blender and is perfect for home and small enough to travel with too. I was a little confused when I first attempted to use it as I did follow the instructions and washed all parts before using (D'oh!) but eventually figured out that not all parts had to be used for the different functions and now it's super easy to use. I like that it is easy to clean (so much quicker and easier than cleaning a saucepan + steamer basket + food processor!), helps with portion size (only probably enough for one or two serves meaning the food is always fresh), and has more than just a food cooking/blending function. On my first attempt at using it apparently I didn't read that the max capacity was 150g and as per my washing antics, tried to stuff as much in the mixing bowl as I could. The pumpkin and carrot were steamed beautifully but the extra water I added ended up flooding the bench - okay, that's a slight exaggeration. It's also great that once the food is steamed, you simply turn the bowl upside down, place the mixer blade in the bowl, insert the blender top and puree as little or as much as you like.

Heat Sensor Weaning Spoons
These are great - the spoon head turns white if the food or liquid is too hot to give to your baby. And you get four in a pack - perfect for me who always seems to lose things like this and also means you can keep one in your baby bag.

Roll and Go Bibs
Not the trendiest bibs on the market but probably the most functional as they have been designed to catch spills or to allow your baby to save some stuff for 'Ron. They are simple to clean and are even dishwasher safe - big tick in my book.

Discovera Trainer Cup
Love this cup and it seems Ned does too. He really has mastered the use of the sippy cup and I think the easy-to-use handles have aided in that. It is also shake proof (such a fun game apparently) and even has a spot to write your child's name on it ... if only I had nicer handwriting. Oh, and it's a great size - 260ml which helps me try and get Ned's required amount of water in for the day. Being fully formula fed for a couple of months now I was shocked to find out he should be drinking around 300mls of water a day. I soon realised why my baby was waking up before midnight for what seemed like weeks on end. I think he was dehydrated  (#motheroftheyear) so this cup is never too far from Ned. 

Stickee Bowl
This bowl is the shiz-niz. As per its name, it sticks. And it sticks good. It has a fancy-schmancy suction base preventing even me from removing it from the high chair ... well at least until I read the instructions. I also had to read the instructions as to how to apply it but I'm sure my engineer husband would have mastered it without consulting the how-to card. Love the spoon too - Ned was indeed very intrigued by it and it seems it would help develop feeding skills and independence although I'm not quite ready for the world-war-III cleanup that would likely result from letting Ned go-to-town feeding himself.

One lucky trainee mama reader will win all of these fabulous products simply by leaving a comment on this blog post! 

Entries are only open to Australian residents and the competition will close Tuesday 22 April at 5:00pm AEST. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner. 

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