18 April 2014

Weekend Adventures - Airlie Beach

Last weekend we attended a wedding of two of our dearest friends in Airlie Beach, in the beautiful Whitsundays. As you might recall, Cyclone Ita was in full swing and the poor bride and groom had more than a few people text or call them (more like eleven) the day before the wedding (who had already RSVP'd their attendance) to let them know they weren't coming and yes, some of the people cited the cyclone as an excuse. Bloody hell, one of the bridesmaids hitchhiked from Townsville to make it there ... you do what you gotta do! Anyway, the wedding day was beautiful - there were a few moments where it looked like it was going to pour but the rain held out and everyone had a fabulous time. The bride seriously had THE best smile walking down the aisle and during the ceremony that I have ever witnessed. It was infectious.

Sunday, however ... WOW. We were laying in our glorious king size bed (I think we need to get one) at Whitsunday Martinique when my phone rings and the lady from the shuttle bus company questions 'did you know your flight has been cancelled?' ... My reaction, 'are you serious?' ... The weather seemed beautiful outside and there didn't appear to be any reason why it shouldn't take off - especially when a Jetstar flight left as planned before lunchtime. Come midday, the weather turned NASTY and it seemed to make sense that our flight was cancelled, even with my lack of aviation knowledge. So, we were stuck for another day and I spent a painful hour on the phone to the Virgin Airlines (overseas) call centre to reschedule our flight. We received NO notification from Virgin that our flight had been cancelled so they better get prepared for Cyclone Peta!

There is not much to do in Airlie Beach itself - full of pubs and clubs and perfect for the backpacker, not so much for the young family (sidenote, I wonder if we fit in that category?) ... however, it is the gateway to the Whitsundays. If we knew we were going to be there another full day we might have tried to visit Whitehaven Beach or something but oh well. We had good company, okay food choices, and the best weather (and pool) on Monday to relax before flying out.

Ned was a busy, busy bee (or should I say social butterfly) on both the flight there and home - just wanting to touch and play and interact with anyone who would interact with him. He did fall asleep both times about ten minutes before departure. Perfect timing, NOT!

Happy travels xx

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