23 April 2014

Weekend Adventures - Gold Coast - Palm Beach/Currumbin

I'm pretty sure in my high school year book (GASP: more than thirteen years ago!) my goal was to move to the Gold Coast. Fast forward, those thirteen years and my husband and I ended up at the beautiful, and much more relaxed, Sunshine Coast. My appreciation and love for the Gold Coast however has never disappeared and just this past weekend I fell in love with it again.

We stayed in a beach front apartment in Palm Beach with mum and dad who were not only there for company, but also there to play babysitter to our darling boy while we attended a wedding in the hinterland. We also got to hang out with my siblings as they were doing what apparently everyone in Australia does at Easter time, and were camping at Main Beach. The weather was nothing short of magical, I rediscovered Burleigh Heads which has really transformed into a hip little community and had THE best Thai beef salad I've ever had at the Currumbin SLC. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to do any shopping, but the GC totally shits on (excuse my french) our somewhat lack-lustre shopping options on the SC.

Ned fell in love with the jolly jumper, tried some chocolate, munched on prawns and continually tried to eat sand. The sunrises were amazing, the wedding was beautiful and the drive home was bearable.

Photo overload ahead:

Tell me, do you love the Gold Coast too?

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