14 May 2014

Making Bath Time Fun with Tommee Tippee - Review and Giveaway

This kid seriously loves the water.

Oh, and he loves being nude. I suppose that isn't a revelation though; he is a male after all.

Like this kid loves the water so much I think he could be the next Ian Thorpe or Michael Phelps - without all the drama and controversy of course. For months I used to bathe him in the shower until I discovered he LOVED the bath and I haven't got him out ever since. Even when I do hold him in the shower he is looking down at the ground wanting to sit and play. So when Tommee Tippee sent me a pack of bathtime goodies, Ned was kicking and splashing like crazy with excitement.

In the pack was a kissee fishee, some tub appliques, a duck and a set of fish squirtees and a great storage bag which suctions on to the bath.{Check out the entire Tommee Tippee bathtime range here}

There isn't much to say except these toys make batht time an event to look forward to. Ned especially loves pulling the suctioned shapes off the side of the bath and then eating them. Apparently the tub appliques are for babies two years and up so I'm going to declare that my son is gifted ... surely playing with 'toys' suitable from 24 months warrants that?!

Of course these toys are fabulous but nothing could be as fabulous as the plug or a washer. Sorry Tommee Tippee ... your products are great but us mums all know the most exciting toys aren't toys.

Want your little one to have as much fun at bath time? You can win a pack exactly like Ned's! Simply leave a comment here or on facebook and you're in the draw. Entries will close on the 23rd May at 5pm | Only open to Australian residents. 

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