07 July 2014

Manduca Moments - Baby Wearing (Manduca Baby Carrier Review)

Baby wearing was not something I'd ever considered before having Ned, believing only those 'earth mother types' would do such a thing. Wow, how my opinion has changed! I've been using a different carrier since Ned was little which took him quite some time to warm to but it seems this little dude fell in love with the Manduca, gifted to us by the lovely team at Fertile Mind, seemingly straight away.

The manduca was designed by a clever German lady with a few key points in mind. There are only a few carriers on the market which allow the baby to sit in the orthopedically-recommended way to support their precious little bodies. This ergonomic position is called the "M" position {baby's bum is lower than the knees forming an M} and this is just one of the features the manduca offers. There are also a variety of positions that you can wear your baby AND the manduca is suitable from newborn stage right up to about four years of age {or 20kg}.

I love the range of colours and {limited edition} designs available and given the options, I made sure I chose a colour suitable for both genders so daddy can wear the baby too. Us women know there isn't anything much more attractive than a daddy wearing his son : )

The carrier is light, is made with organic cotton and has extra long straps/belts at the hip and shoulder to help distribute weight evenly, as well as making it quick and easy to adjust based on the wearers size and preferences.

To start off with, I definitely needed the instruction manual to understand the different carrying positions and how to get the baby in to position. The hip carry had me baffled for a while but I finally managed to comprehend the {quite simple} instructions and I kind of think Ned enjoys the hip carry the most. All positions are surprisingly comfortable {I have worn the manduca shopping for over an hour} but my favourite is the back hold. Ned feels secure in there and if I do a bit of skipping/hopping it turns in to a bit of a game with him. I also love the front hold when he is getting sleepy as the closeness and the cuddles are still so, so nice.

It's safe to say I LOVE my manduca and would happily pay for one as well as recommending them to anyone looking for a baby carrier {however hippyish babywearing might seem to some}

You can buy one of these fabulous baby carriers online here or find a stockist here.

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