21 August 2014

Superb Sunshine Coast - Little Lane Espresso

On a horrible rainy Saturday, the boys and I decided to head up to Coolum to check out a little hole in the wall joint called Little Lane Espresso which I've heard a few people speak very highly of.

It didn't disappoint.

First off, the service was fabulous. The owner {quite rightly} was pretty smitten with Ned and if I recall correctly, used the term 'spunky' to describe him.

We {as in all three of us} shared the shashuka eggs {baked eggs cooked in tomato and capsicum I think with chorizo} and the turkish toast with tomato, feta and avocado.

menu pic from LLE's facebook page

The eggs could have come with maybe one more slice of turkish to soak up all that delicious sauce - I guess it didn't help that we had a baby sharing!

I would totally recommend a visit to Little Lane Espresso if you're a local or visiting the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Coolum is a must see I think - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in my opinion. 

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