22 September 2014

My Imperfect Life

After the huge Samantha Armytage uproar {read about it here}, I thought it be an appropriate time to revive the #myimperfectlife series.

If you follow me on facebook you would have seen me post my #comfywomfy {currently trending as I type this} photo. I had actually been saving the photo in the trackies and white singlet for this very post.

I seriously would love to share pictures of a beautifully clean, Neale-Whittaker-approved styled home with a one year old dressed in designer, organic duds* without snot on his face or clothes {or on my clothes for that matter} but hey, that ain't real life.

My real life involves a couple of days of work where I make sure I spruce myself up a little, wear clothes that I consider stylish that reflect my personality and put my face on {even though I have no real idea about how to apply said 'face'} and those days are often documented under the Mama Wardrobe series or on instagram. But the other days? There is usually a layer of dog hair accompanied by random bits of food on the floor that food critic himself has deemed not suitable for human consumption, I'm wearing a dress, comfortable pants or shorts {often Lorna Jane - yep, I'm one of those mums**} and I'm sitting on the couch browsing facebook, instagram or online stores ignoring said dog hair and food. I AM a champion clothes washer-er-er but fail miserably when it comes to putting clothes back in their home, let alone doing things like, um, ironing. My thirteen month old still has a dummy, the dog licks the baby way too often and I'm a kilo or three heavier than I should be given my paid hobby as a bodypump instructor. Given I only work 22 hours a week, I probably should be much better at keeping the house and the family clean. But I'm working on it .... by reading blogs about being more organised. One day those handy hints will be put into practise. Until then though, want a real representation of what my life looks like on a day to day basis?

This is it and me, in all my imperfect glory. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

That is of course unless I won the lotto. Then things would be a little bit different. I guess.

*the bit about the duds may be somewhat true ; )
** it helps that my bestie is a store manager at said retail store

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