08 October 2014

Mama Cooks: Amazeballs Nut Balls

On almost every baby/parenting forum, facebook page or blog that I read, people are craving new ideas as to what they can make to feed their kids. These amazing nut balls are the perfectly sized snack for both kids and adults and I'm thinking pretty good for you too. I'm sure you could substitute the honey with a different product if you like - just something to bind the nuts together. Thanks to my super hot mama friend Debbie for sharing this delicious recipe.
If you don't have any of the ingredients in your pantry the initial outlay is quite expensive ... this lot of ingredients cost just over thirty dollars. I do still have enough nuts, tahini and coconut left to make at least one more serving of these amaze-balls. This recipe makes in excess of twenty balls depending on size.

{They probably aren't all that healthy for you when you can't stop eating them because they taste so bloody good. But nuts are good fats right?!}

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