21 October 2014

Things Mamas Do: Human Snot Rag

Do you remember how your jumper or skivvy sleeve in primary school also doubled as the perfect hanky/tissue/snot rag? It kind of made the wrist to elbow section of your sleeve look like a snail had used your sleeve as a runway ready for take-off. Eventually your mum probably convinced you to stop wiping your snotty nose with your sleeve and be a little more grown up/civilized and actually use a hanky and those days were forgotten about.

Until you had kids. They do say things go full circle {including some hideous trends from the 90s} and this snot wiping habit has returned to my life. Except this time, it does not involve skivvy sleeves - instead, it's my dear old hand.

Yep, as a mum to a kid who seems to forever be blessed with a runny or snotty nose {and is affectionately known as snot monster}, the closest and easiest option is to wipe or pick the mucus from his dear little nose and rub it on his shirt, or mine, or even my leg for that matter. Yep, I'm keeping it real here folks.
Perhaps it has some good moisturiser type qualities?

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