26 November 2014

Making the Switch

This post is in collaboration with Youi

Insurance. One of the things I despise paying for but know that it is essential especially for our home and contents and of course, our car.  

When that insurance bill {or should I say bills} arrives in your inbox every year it can often cause distress, annoyance and the thought that perhaps you should do a bit of shopping around instead of just paying the balance. But how many of us actually do?

When we moved to the Sunshine Coast {from Toowoomba} we reviewed our insurances and ended up switching all of our insurances to Youi. Why? Because they are a local Sunshine Coast company {tick} who ask A LOT of questions {speaking from personal experience} to exactly determine your needs, and offer generous discounts when you insure your car and contents with them. When we moved we were both working full time, without any children and the price was better than our previous insurer so it was a no brainer to switch. Fast forward eight months and our precious little Ned was born.

When the bill for our Youi car insurance arrived at the end of last year I remembered the stack load of questions that the operator had asked to complete our application, and realised that some of the answers had changed. And instead of just paying the balance I gave them a call. Because my circumstances had changed {from full-time worker to stay-at-home mum} my premium was over $100 less. If your circumstances have changed, really consider giving Youi a call. For someone who doesn’t like talking on the phone, ringing Youi is not a chore – in my experience their staff are ALWAYS bubbly, passionate and genuinely interested in your query.

You may be surprised at just how much money you might save.

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