11 January 2016

Oh ... The start of our Twin Journey

It doesn't get much more simple than the word Oh.

How the word is delivered however, can greatly change its unassuming definition.

The last time I heard the word oh, it wasn't so simple. 

Let's paint the {possibly TMI} picture ... I desperately needed to wee and my shorts were pulled down just a bit too far to reveal the slightly extremely-embarrassingly-in-need-of-attention state of my nether regions. In plain and simple English ... I was having a pregnancy ultrasound.

Several weeks earlier a digital pregnancy test in a public toilet at the Port Douglas wharf in the final days of our cruise confirmed I was expecting. I didn't really need to see the results of the test though as I knew I was pregnant days earlier due to the lack of the monthly arrival, the aversion to food AND wine {insert shocked face emoji} and the general {all-day) feeling of ugh.

As the radiographer set me up and administered the slimy goop to my non-existent bump I was nervous but somewhat calm. She placed the transducer {thanks Google} on my belly and unintentionally but unmistakeably uttered that two letter word that before today held little significance. 
I'm sure time stopped - probably because of that transducer dooverlackie, and yeah, the fact that the delivery of the word oh could only mean one thing. 

I didn't even have to question it. I knew it was twins. 

Cue verbal diarrhoea that went something like {accompanied by vigorous head shaking and uncontrollable tears}:

No. No.No.No.No.No.No.Shit.Shit.Holy Shit.No.Shit.Shit.Holy Shit.

It wasn't the first time this scenario had happened to our sonographer and she handled it like a champion. Hubby and I who just found out we would become a party of five instead of a nice square family of four didn't handle it so well. It's not like we lost our shit {just repeated the word several times over} but instead we were more in a dazed, is this real? state. 

Once the scan was all finished hubby trotted off the work and we were both left to process what had just happened. I of course went home and took photos.

And then rang my {identical twin} sister ... in a blubbering mess. Then headed over to tell mum and dad. 

I was, and still am terrified but at nearly 16 weeks have accepted that we're having twins. And this Thursday we will hopefully find out their sex through an 3D early gender determination scan. Then it will really be real. After that I may even be able to say I'm excited at the prospect of three under three ;)

Welcome to the journey.

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