14 July 2016

The Twins Birth Story - Part 2

Continued on from Part 1 - read here

Was I surprised I was only 3cm and not really in active labour? Actually, I was kind of happily surprised I was even 3cm - I assumed I would have only been 1cm given my pretty 'normal' state. As the midwife was continuing on with her assessment we were told that I'd probably be advised to go home and play the waiting game and thus all hope that my wishful thinking was working was diminished.

Just as the examination was finishing and I'd been delivered my disappointing news, the midwife removed her hand and exclaimed that it looked like the resulting discharge was too great a quantity to not be my waters.

Wait, what?!
You see, earlier we'd been chatting about her just 'accidentally' breaking my waters - well it wasn't so much of a chat - it was more of a request from me with the promise of keeping it top secret.
But no. My lovely midwife politely refused my request and I was left wondering if I should have asked for a different caregiver.
Damn ethics.
But seriously, what a coincidence. 

One second we're faced with the prospect of returning home and literally the next, it was GO time.

The midwife had not yet confirmed that my waters had broke and instead let me to go freshen up. As I got off the bed and walked the few steps to the toilet there was no doubt that indeed my waters had broken. A stream of liquid ran down each leg in a kind of surprising, hilarious event as I didn't experience that in my first labour.

We knew then that we would be meeting our princesses soon.

To be continued ...

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