05 December 2016

SodaStream : Shame or Glory

Christmas is fast approaching and although I don't have that many end of year celebrations to attend, I have probably relaxed a little with my eating and am already getting a little prematurely festive in the eating and drinking department. This not only means extra calories but also extra expense, particularly at a time where you don't need to be spending unnecessarily.

So when a SodaStream arrived on my doorstep I decided to research cocktails and mocktails that I can make at home using fresh and in season ingredients rather than loading up on sugar-laden store-bought mixers. That not only means I'm being somewhat responsible with my calorie intake but also environmentally concious by not purchasing products that ultimately end up in landfill.

On my list of cocktails and mocktails to try {using fresh ingredients and omitting/reducing the sugar where possible} are

I also know that 'fizzy water' is a complete novelty for kids so as the temperature rises it will be easier to keep the little go hydrated.

SodaStream have partnered with GOT star Thor Bjornsson {the Mountain} to help spread the word about plastic waste also aiming to encourage people to choose reusable items where possible.

I have three SodaStream units to giveaway to three lucky readers just in time for Christmas. Enter over on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/trainee.mama

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