21 June 2013

G - O - GG - O

Okay, this post isn't about spelling at all. Well it kind of is ...If you're not from Australia you probably won't have any idea what the post title is all about. Go here to find out.

You may have noticed my awesome blog header created by new mum Lauren who blogs over at Tastes Like Love. Yea, pretty rad huh?!

Anyway, I had thought I needed some sort of tagline to identify/categorise the blog and given that I want it to be a very honest account of the day-to-day happenings of a new mum, I thought tackling motherhood one pooey nappy at a time' was more than appropriate. More than appropriate because I don't think I have ever changed a pooey nappy - AND have no desire to 'practice'.

Before we locked in the tagline I thought, hmmm, how does one spell pooey?! So I asked the husband.

Man, I nearly wet myself when his answer came out as P ... O ... O ... H ...Y - I don't really know why that was so funny. I mean if you think of Winnie the Pooh with a 'ee' on the end it is a very viable spelling. My point? This will be just one of the many posts I'm sure I'll be featuring on Poo. Who doesn't love a good poo conversation? I know my family does ; )

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