26 June 2013


In the last 4 days the husband and I have been bombarded with information regarding ripe cervixes, nipple shaping and a bunch of other topics that probably are useful to know but also quite confronting. I've found myself every second day or so really stopping and thinking to myself that 'holy shit, we are going to have our own little baby' and shit gets real. With the little bundle making his way into the world at the most in eight weeks time (if it gets to the stage that I need an induction), I need to get myself mentally ready for his arrival.

But how does one do that? I know I can have the house ready for the baby but what about myself?

Many people have said it will all come instinctively and it will all kick in once he arrives. I don't doubt that. However, I did have someone once say 'oh Peta, you're such a natural ... NOT!' while holding a months-old baby and although I laugh it off and it is quite the joke amongst those that heard it, I do wonder, what if I am not (a natural that is)?

natural or NOT?

Either way, I'm so excited to meet this little dude. I just wish I was finishing work this week instead of being flat out busy for the next three weeks! A little apartment overlooking the ocean ten minutes down the road from our place will be a very welcome relief in a couple of weeks time. Not much of a babymoon, but still a babymoon ... even if I have to share a part of it with the in-laws. 

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