03 July 2013

Nursery Tour

I think the nursery is finally ready to be revealed. Singlets, onesies, blankets, socks and a plethora of other items have been washed in preparation for our little dude's arrival. He won't be sleeping in here until he has outgrown his moses basket OR we've outgrown our patience with having him in our room but it's nice to have it ready all the same.

I didn't want the room to be too cutesy or babyish so centred the theme around travel with some vintage elements thrown in.

vintage hospital bed from gumtree
declan cot from incy interiors {here}
target quilt cover set with matching pillow
you are my sunshine prints from etsy {here}
 framed baby shower cards
roo dude artwork from etsy {here}
various vintage items collected over the yeara

The room is by no means perfect - If I could be bothered I would get a new light and some new curtains but they will do for now. What do you think? What is your favourite thing in the room? 

p.s. the lighting in this room is terrible!

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