10 July 2013

The Name Debate

Names are hard. 

Boys names are harder.

Boys names are even harder when you have narrowed your list down to two names and then someone in your family announces that one of said names is the only boys name she has liked since she was five years old ... and then announces four weeks later that she is having a boy. So it's fair to say the husband and I are in a bit of a pickle. 

We certainly aren't going to wing it (the naming) on the day unlike another big event in our life. We realised that we basically forget to select a wedding song even though we'd been throwing around ideas for weeks. We ended up hurriedly consulting the band a minute before the dance (if you can call it a dance) to select a rock-ier version of Hunters & Collectors song throw your arms around me on suggestion by the lead singer. But really, a wedding song isn't really for life - a name is. 

So we have two names. Some of you out there know what they are. But they don't go together like peas and carrots. In other words, we can't use them together no matter which one we select as the first name. But I think a middle name is a necessity especially if the first name is one syllable (which it very well could be.) So I'd like to lock in the two names with middle names and then we can decide who the little dude is going to be on the day.

Kidspot published a 'most popular' list in April this year (here) which was compiled from registry data from most states in Australia. There are quite a few names that we have discussed on that list which could be on our list - some have been removed because one of us didn't like it or we have friends/family who already have a child with that name/barred the name. To give you a bit of a clue some of those names (which may or may not still be on the list) are Flynn/Finn, Logan, Cooper, Harrison/Harry, Levi, Hunter, Jackson (none of this Jaxon business) and Aidan. There are even names on our radar that didn't make the Top 50 - shock horror!

What are you favourite boys names? Have any of your friends used the names you had 'barred' all your life knowingly or perhaps clueless-ly? 

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