25 July 2013

The Waiting Game

The waiting game sucks. At thirty nine weeks and three days I'm well and truly over it. Each night I go to sleep hoping and praying that I am woken up by a massive contraction (yes I am wishing pain upon myself) or by an usually wet feeling in the bed that has been unfamiliar for quite some time (apart from the time sometime in high school when I work up from a dream where I was peeing and well you can guess the rest).

I'm in a facebook group of ladies who are due in August (formed from the bubhub site) and quite a few babies have already been born. These babies are already with us due to conditions like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. I've had amazing test results and scans throughout my whole pregnancy and really should be super happy about that but can't help but feel a little jealous of those mummies who already have met their little offspring. It's kinda like when you're driving around the shopping centre looking for a park that quite clearly doesn't exist and thinking to yourself that you wish you were disabled. Totally irrational but at least you'd have a park right (and close to the entrance).

If you ask trainee daddy he'll tell you I'm cranky and emotional and I wouldn't at all disagree. I had a spat at him this morning as he wanted to snooze the bloody alarm three times (I am not a snoozer) and it resulted in a small tearie. Then the waterworks returned in the meditation section of the body balance class I went to later in morning (at the thought that this little human seems quite happy where he currently lives).
Luckily I was able to keep the tears and sniffles contained and noone in the class could have guessed that the crazy heavily-pregnant lady up the back was having an emotional meltdown.

After an afternoon of TV watching and a bit of a snooze the crazy lady has taken a back seat and the slightly less crazy lady has concocted this little ditty. Thanks for listening.

P.S. Couldn't resist sharing these images of my niece who turned one yesterday (taken by another proud aunty of hers)

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