18 December 2013

he wears, she wears

It is no doubt easy to slop around the house in your pajamas or gym gear when you have had little to no sleep but it is also fun to frock up, actually do your hair, 'put your face on' and go out and have some fun. Even though I've been off work for five months, trainee daddy, Ned and I went along to my work team's christmas party a couple of Saturday's ago. It was the perfect excuse to show off my gorgeous Witchery sunray dress that I found on eBay, enjoy some festive food and drinks and happily have my baby oooh'ed and ahhhh'ed over for a couple of hours.

He wears: Milky 'sons of anarchy' (not the real style name) onesie from Myer, converse sneakers 
She wears: Witchery sunray pleated dress, Hot Options from Target leopard print and studded flats, Diva earrings

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