16 December 2013

Wipes - a must have (WaterWipes review)

Before your baby is born you are provided with oodles of advice both from people you want to hear it from and from those who you don't. At our antenatal class we were advised not to use things like wipes and soaps until the baby was at least six weeks old to enable his little body to build up some natural immunity. So I went with that for oooh, let's say a couple of weeks. Yep, I had bought a big pack of chux and was rinsing the poo off, hanging to dry and then using again. But really, when you start actually getting out of your pajamas and brushing your teeth and contemplating leaving the confines of your house it IS NOT PRACTICAL!

Wipes are an essential part of any baby bag. And I have been caught out without wipes in my bag at a shopping centre and let me tell you, toilet paper does not cut it. So when I was offered the opportunity to trial waterwipes I jumped at the opportunity. 

These are wipes I reckon the hospital would even recommend. Pure water with the tiniest amount of fruit extract. Given their purity I have even used them on Ned's gunky blocked tear duct eye (let's hope that clears up soon) and even though Ned has pretty amazing skin I'd be more inclined to use these if he suffered any sort of nappy rash. They have no smell and come in a convenient sized pack but I have noticed you do need to use more of these to clean up a standard poo (I guess the other brands have 'extras' added to make them more moist). I would definitely use them again but given the cost ($7.58 for a pack of 60 currently at Coles), I would probably need to wait till they went on special to purchase them. But let's be realistic, I usually just buy whichever none scented ones are on sale. 

Can anyone relate to this? It had been brewing for a couple of days ; )

More info can be found here AND you can go here for the chance to win three months worth of water wipes!

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