10 February 2014

I'm a Healthy Mummy

If you've been following my journey on my facebook page you'll know I've been loosely following the Lose Baby Weight 28 day diet and exercise plan.

What is my weight problem? Probably the same as a lot of you struggling with weight issues, whether they be major or minor - a love of food and not a lot of knowledge about portion size.

A typical exercise week for me includes one or two body pump classes, a body combat class, a step class, a cxworx class and a grit cardio class as well as taking Rocky for a forty minute walk most days. Luckily for me, I love exercise, and specifically group fitness so exercise has never been my problem.

The healthy mummy plan has really helped us change our portion sizes (reducing the protein portions and increasing the salad/veges) and also changed our 'regular' weekly meals. Those regular weekly meals used to be things like tacos, spaghetti bolognaise, stir fry and lamb and vege cous cous. Dinner options now include meals like a healthier stir fry (replacing store bought sauce with a splash of soy and oyster sauce with garlic and ginger) with brown rice, a hearty omelette and beef or lamb kebabs/skewers.

So, what is my assessment of the plan?

Long story, short? IT WORKS.

Starting weight: 64.5kg

Ending weight: 60.7kg

If you're into mathematics that is a loss of 3.8 kgs in five weeks which I'm quite proud of. I actually wasn't expecting to lose that much weight given I've got a fair amount of muscle in my small frame and am actually lighter than I was before I got pregnant!

Most days in the five weeks I had a healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast (as well as at lunch if I was at home) and one of the meals out of the book probably three or four nights of the week. Given my love for wine and icecream (and failure to give either of those up) this is a plan that works and one that is easy to follow. If you were strict and followed the plan explicitly, there is a very good chance that you'll lose weight - and a good amount of it.

I recently bought more smoothie powder and will continue to enjoy smoothies for breakfast (and sometimes lunch) and eat more sensible meals at night. I am really happy with my commitment to the program and obviously overjoyed with the results.

I would more than recommend this program to anyone looking to lose a little or a large amount of weight (and think it would be suitable whether you're a breastfeeding mama, a non-breastfeeding mama or not even a mama at all!)

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