13 February 2014

He Wears, She Wears

Today we decided to fancy ourselves up a bit for Ned's six month vaccinations (such a brave little man) and meeting nanny and Aunty Jenna down at the shops. Our little man sure is a little man at 6.8kg (about the 10th percentile) and 66cm (under the 25th percentile) but it's comforting to know my lovely doctor just thought he was wonderful and left the comment healthy thriving baby in his book. In my book he is just perfect.

He wears: Rock Your Baby 'baby stardust lion' bodysuit 
She wears: Sunnygirl jumpsuit, Sabre Sunnies (both purchased at Trade Secret), havaianas, Sportsgirl necklace, MummaBubba Jewellery bracelets

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