14 February 2014

My Imperfect Life

{The majority of us portray ourselves and our lives as wonderfully fantastic on social media - wonderfully fantastic things like beautiful outfits, cute babies, fancy food and the newest bestest nail polish on the market. I don't know about you but my life certainly isn't perfect and I'm here to prove it - baby tears, mummy tears, untidy houses, makeup free faces, natural hair, post-baby bodies and all sorts of normal}

I had a couple of people join me to share with the world a snippet of their real life - sharing how you deal with a baby who won't sleep (slushies and mcdonalds for breakfast are FINE in my books ladies), owning up to the fact that your bin really stinks (trainee daddy brought the bins in yesterday and told me he got 'bin juice' on himself - yea, gross) or exposing just how much clean washing you have done that has not been put away (my least favourite chore).

Surprise, surprise I've got more to share this week.
yep, that's a tick on Ned's head. Trainee Mama originally wondered if moles could grow so early. Luckily I got it before it burrowed in 
I am so lucky to have such a lovely head of hair. Got my hair did at Haras & Co, Maroochydore
popped into the supermarket on the way home from the gym

never ending

reorgansing Ned's room - hopefully will get finished and have him moved in by the end of the weekend
what's imperfect about this you ask? I was enjoying a ridiculously large (bucket) of coffee at the best coffee shop on the Sunshine Coast - Bare Coffee Buderim while my house was getting cleaned. Yep, I'm that lazy.

You can join me by sharing a pic on instagram or facebook using the hashtag #myimperfectlife or sharing your post on my trainee mama facebook page

C'mon I dare you. 

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