26 February 2014

Safety First - A giveaway for Crest

My dad recently retired from Ergon Energy after working for them for something ridiculous like forty five years. Given his profession, I was never really worried or concerned about protecting my home as he was only ever a phone call away (and luckily, still is). This does mean however that many of my power boards were received from dad and may now be rather (ahem) ancient.

Living in an area that is prone to afternoon thunderstorms and with our precious little man now more mobile, it is way more important to think about protecting him (first) as well as our electrical appliances like our computer (with all those valuable photos), TVs and fridge. I don't know about you but I have about a gazillion photos which I have yet to back up and I wouldn't want to lose photos of, you know, Ned trying new foods or all those selfies. So, I'll have to admit I was pretty excited to receive a set of surge protectors from Crest to replace our out-dated power boards and can now feel safe now knowing that in the event of a freak storm or weather event the surge protectors will 'take one for the team' and sacrifice themselves. Metaphorically speaking, they act kind of like an exorcist by absorbing the bad energy before that energy destroys the appliance plugged into the power source.

Crest offer quality surge protection (and invaluable peace of mind) and the products can be purchased from your usual suspects. Need or want to protect your child prodidgy and applicances? You can win a single, double and four socket surge board pack valued at $120 simply by liking my page on facebook (if you don't already), leaving a comment on the link to this post on facebook or a comment on this actual post. Easy (but be sure to let me know which ways you would like to enter and yes, each method gets you one entry)

Entries close 14th March at 5pm Queensland time and Ned will randomly select a winner out of a hat.

Australian Residents only : )

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