21 March 2014

Mama Essentials V1 - Coffee, Coffee, Coffee (Bare Coffee Co)

I didn't drink a lot of coffee before I had Ned. I would have the occasional latte but would normally smash three or four cups of tea a day with the occasional chai latte thrown in for good measure. If I did have a coffee it could have up to four (yes, you read that right) spoons of sugar in it (because you know, it makes the medicine go down and all that jazz).

Now, whether it's due to exhaustion or my taste buds changing I have completely changed. Tea has been shoved to the back of the cupboard and I'll have a couple of Moccona's at home (shock, horror) and then visit what possibly could be the best coffee shop (with the best coffee) on the Sunshine Coast, Bare Coffee. I'm no coffee buff but given I've gone from four-ish sugars to none, the taste and quality must be impeccable (and I have reverted to a sugar or two when I 'cheat' on Bare and get a coffee elsewhere). My standard order is a large, skinny latte (and yes, the staff know my order and name) and if I stay long enough, a gingerbread frappe as well. The gingerbread frappe is all kinds of amazing and I'm sure is really good for those of you trying to lose that baby weight ; ) They also have a cabinet of delicious sweet treats (a lot of them gluten free) made locally in Buderim as well as bacon & egg rolls and savoury muffins if you are feeling a little peckish.

Oh, and they have FREE WIFI. Great for someone like me who seems to have chewed up 50% of her allotted data in the first seven days of the month. From observation though, it isn't only me who uses Bare Buderim as a quasi-office multiple times a week proving that amazing coffee, sweet treats and free wifi really is a winning combination. On top of that the prices are very reasonable and every 6th coffee is free with their loyalty program.

Over and above all that, it really just feels like home. Well, home but with much better coffee. They don't even seem to mind when I let Ned go to town on the floor with a bunch of toys.

Bare Coffee are in the Buderim Mall complex at 86 King Street (opposite the Buderim Tavern) and also have a Maroochydore outlet set up in the Maroochydore Universal Hair salon (inside the old church). AND if you work in the Brisbane CBD, they are opening another takeaway setup this coming Monday. Stay tuned to facebook for details.

If you're ever on the Sunshine Coast pop up the hill to Buderim and visit Bare. You will not be disappointed!

I was not paid for this review ... but ... Paul may have added a bit more cream to my gingerbread frappe as he knows how much I love it.

Bare Coffee Company website
{where you can buy some of the amazing coffee online and find our more info (including barista training)}

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