21 March 2014

My Imperfect Life

{The majority of us portray ourselves and our lives as wonderfully fantastic on social media - wonderfully fantastic things like beautiful outfits, cute babies, fancy food and the newest bestest nail polish on the market. I don't know about you but my life certainly isn't perfect and I'm here to prove it - baby tears, mummy tears, untidy houses, makeup free faces, natural hair, post-baby bodies and all sorts of normal}

I thought I didn't have anything for this fortnight's edition of my imperfect life but had a scan through my photo library, and well, yep, it's been a perfectly imperfect couple of weeks. Without further ado ...

Let Ned go to town on some spag bol and thought the best way to go about it was nude in the bath. Turned out to be quite a good plan!

I attempted to place one of my Healthy Mummy smoothies back in the pantry without the lid on properly. Didn't end well but Rocky was every so obliging in helping me clean up.

A few seconds of freedom and then ...

Luckily I remembered this before I'd driven too far. Managed to back out of the driveway and up our street before thinking 'where is the laptop?'

What's been going on in your life?

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