17 March 2014

The Clean Gene

Domestic Goddess I am not. And I hate that. My mum however is. I really wish I got that clean gene. But alas, I did not. Trainee Daddy and I have been culling like crazy and it feels bloody good. But we still have so much stuff. I've concluded that we need to move from the hoarding end of the spectrum to the minimalist end.

My cleaning method can only be described as sporadic (does anyone think of Clueless when they hear that word?!) - I'm not good at focusing on the task at hand meaning I never quite get things finished and end up chucking whatever has not been cleaned/washed/given a home into a random cupboard and then usually forgetting about it. This probably also coincides with a mass cleanup happening the day before we are having people over and exhaustion setting in before the cleaning and tidying has been completed. Perhaps the solution is to have people over every weekend as motivation?

I'll admit when I first went over to my friend Lauren's house I was a little shocked when I saw a weekly + day-to-day + morning/evening breakdown of tasks to be completed. Things included making the beds, mopping the floors and even vaccuuming the car. Now, even if it is a little too OTT for me, I think there is a lot of merit in some sort of checklist to keep your house in check (instead of having to do everything in the days leading up to guests arriving).

The organised housewife is a great resource for someone like me and I'm thinking it could be good for me to join the declutter challenge. I think a checklist is also in order.

Are you a domestic god or goddess?

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