27 May 2014

Mama Wardrobe

I think I'm at a stage where my fashion choices are changing and dare I say, maturing. I wouldn't want anyone to think I've gone mumsy (which I certainly do not think I have) ... perhaps just making more refined choices in what I wear. Now I just need to get the courage to downsize my bulging closet and donate to friends, family or charity all of those items I've been too lazy to sell. Hopefully that will leave me with a wardrobe with plenty of choice, not too full quantity wise, but full of quality items that reflect my personality, lifestyle and make me feel about good about wearing them.

These two outfits I've felt good about although I'm lacking a little bit of confidence in the faux fur vest. I've seen many a fashionista rockin' the vest but unsure if it looks any good on me. What are you thoughts on the vest?

Otto Mode dress from Trade Secret | Lovisa necklace | Sportsgirl flats | Stella McCartney for Target tote

thrifted Review top | Sunnygirl vest from Trade Secret | Forever 21 coated jeans | Rubi shoes flats | Prada specs | vintage scarf

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