06 May 2014

Motherhood ... from a seemingly not so motherly mother

I've never been an overly maternal type ... I was never desperate to get pregnant or start a family but at the ripe old age of 29, (the now) trainee daddy and I thought it was about time to start trying. It took about six months (and some help from an ovulation drug - more on that later), and our parenthood journey had begun.

Pregnancy was a bit of a non-event for me - very stock-standard with just extreme tiredness at the start and uncomfortable-ness at the end like most people. I luckily was never sick - in fact I felt extremely healthy but won't go as far as saying I was glowing, nor will I say I loved being pregnant - but it was fine .... long, but fine.

I wrote a post not long after having Ned admitting to the fact that I didn't instantly fall in love with him. Our bond took some time to develop but seriously, this little dude has truly captured my heart more than I could have ever possibly imagined.

I was worried that I would feel isolated and lonely with a newborn, given that I don't have a whole bunch of friends on the Sunshine Coast (okay, I'll admit I had all of two when Ned was born - you've heard plenty about my bestie Katy) but I needn't have worried about my lack of friends. Quality over quantity right? As silly as it may sound, my infant's friendship is gold. He is always happy to see me, likes going shopping (he might tell you differently) and has the ability to make me smile pretty much all the time. I've also got an amazing bunch of coastie mamas who have almost-equally beautiful and amazing babies to share this amazing journey with. Some people say they become desperate for adult interaction but with regular gym visits (putting Ned in the creche), afternoons at my local coffee shop, mother's group catchups and of course time with family, Ned and I survived pretty bloody well in the nearly nine months we had together before I had to return to work yesterday (part-time thankfully.)

Is he going to be a mummy's boy? Who knows ... But I'll be cuddling that kid for as long as he'll let me.

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