08 July 2014

Mama Lesson: The Car Roof

I am writing this feeling like a lost puppy. Or one of those five little ducks that went swimming one day and didn't come back. You see, I am without phone. Without my third hand. Without life ... Okay, that is taking it a bit too far.

This morning in my kerfuffle to get out of the house, I took the sleeping {and snoring} baby out of his cot, and bundled him and the dog into the car to drop them both over to my parents house. I placed my phone on the roof of the car whilst clipping Ned in and thought I'll get that off as soon as Ned has been buckled in. 

Then I promptly completely forgot about said phone. 

The twelve minute drive to mum and dads house was without incident. I was running a little late but stuck around for ten minutes before returning to the car to find my phone for mum to take some outfit photos for me {priorities, clearly}. I rang it three times and heard it vibrating but couldn't find it but thought I better hit the road and I'd go back to the car to find it once I had got into the office. Man, WHAT IF I would have taken the time to find the effing vibrating electronic item, I would not have been writing this post right now. 

The route from mum and dad's place to the Bruce Highway can be windy in parts but I was just cruising along like normal. I approached the highway and accelerated up to the speed of 110kms and then heard and felt like something fell out of the car. 

Light bulb moment > SHIT, FUCK, SHIT. That was my phone flying through the air into multiple pieces and about to be run over by a gazillion people travelling to work. 

Immediately I punched the steering wheel and then almost burst into tears thinking of the photos I had not yet backed up, and before you ask, NO, I don't have icloud {but will promptly be investigating said safety measure}.

Funny thing is, trainee daddy left his laptop on his bonnet yesterday but clearly I forgot about it only hours after the story was told. His story ended much better than mine though - apparently it flew over the windscreen, hit another car and was run over by another five cars but was still recoverable. 

Sometimes I wonder how I/we got to this point to be so reliant on our phones. I got my first phone - a Nokia 51-10 in 2000 {grade 12} and we used to pass it under the desk in Science class taking turns to play snake. That's about the coolest thing you could do on it - and of course you could ring and SMS. 

Fast forward 14 years {wow, feeling old now} and my phone is almost permanently attached to me. I'm a bit addicted you could say and rarely go an hour without seeing what is happening in one of multiple email accounts, instagram, facebook and of course trainee mama. Oh, and I can't forget taking ridiculous amounts of photos of Ned each and every day. 

My last computer sync was about 3 months ago so I've lost 3 months of original photos. Luckily I'm a serial instagrammer and obviously share quite a few photos on the trainee mama facebook so all is not lost. There are way worse things happening to some people around me so perhaps this is an opportunity to spend less time on my phone and spend more time celebrating life. 

Trainee Mama Lesson II: do not EVER put ANYTHING on the roof of the car EVER

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