14 July 2014

Williams Shoes - Baby Shoes Review and Giveaway

Did you know Williams Shoes sells kids shoes? I knew they sold primary school age style shoes but not shoes small enough for the little ones in your life. Well lucky you read my blog because now we both know that they have a great range of quality shoes available from infant to adult at really reasonable prices!

My poor little Ned had someone describe his feet as 'monster feet' a couple of weeks ago. And I couldn't help but agree. I think he's been cursed with his father's wide foot meaning shoes are rather difficult to get on, however cute they may be.

Luckily, a pair of super trendy high tops sent to us by Williams Shoes fit him perfectly and actually have seen him stand up by himself for an extended period of time. They have a great supportive base and a zip and laces combo which makes it much easier to get the shoes on - a task I naively thought would have been easy.

Unfortunately neither dad or I could get the velcro street shoe {also sent to us} on Ned so they will be passed across to his cousin Austin. I had hoped they would fit because they were going to be his birthday shoes but oh well, I LOVE the high tops and everyone that has seen them has commented on them.

The PR team also sent some gorgeous mary-jane style shoes for my nearly-two-year-old niece Mila to enjoy and seriously, I want them in my size! The excitement in her face when she opened each box and proudly showed off her new shoes was just heartwarming. I think my sis may have a little fashionista on her hands.

Make sure you sign up for the Fusion card which is a rewards program that you can use at Williams, Mathers and Diana Ferrari. You'll earn rewards as well as being notified of sales - often 40% off sales - my kind of sale!

Check out the range here. The website is fantastic too - you can get real-time availability of size and style at stores close to you. How good is that?!

Now, the question is ... who doesn't love shoes? I have a $50 Williams Shoes voucher up for grabs over on my facebook page - go check it out. And you can be selfish if you like and spend it on yourself!

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