24 July 2014

Unused Coobook Collection #crazycookbookcollectionconnection

This post is in collaboration with Flora

When I was asked if I'd like to write a post about Flora, I thought sure, why not, if I can make it relevant. And what is relevant to almost everyone? Cake.

Flora are currently running a campaign to help people answer a simple but important question - what is cholesterol? Dad{aka granddad} has been taking {high} cholesterol medication for many many years and Flora has always been an option on our table {although I myself am a butter girl}. I did learn from the campaign that high levels of cholesterol can lead to heart disease and one of the contributing factors is family history. That means Ned has a chance of high cholesterol if we don't make sure he has a healthy and varied diet and is educated about stuff like how nasty smoking is as well as the importance of an active lifestyle.

I'm a kind of a try-before-you-buy kinda girl much to trainee daddy's dismay, especially when I want to try all of the flavours at Gellatismo before deciding that yes, I actually want the first one I tried. So, I can't honestly write about Flora without actually purchasing and using the product myself - that's just how I roll. I'm also a bit of a straight ... I don't tend to break the rules but woah, Donna Hay would be beside herself with how much I have not paid attention to her carrot cake recipe from her Modern Classics cookbook. I substituted the vegetable oil with the afore-mentioned Flora pro-activ I purchased for the purpose of this post, I used low-GI raw sugar instead of brown sugar, wholemeal flour instead of regular flour and I omitted sultanas. You better believe that I smothered each and everyone mini cake I made with oodles of cream cheese frosting though.

Even though I didn't completely follow Donna's recipe I am happy to actually use a cookbook instead of it just sitting pretty in the bookshelf. Do you have a gazillion cookbooks you've bought or been given with the full intention of cooking meals out of them regularly? Let me tell you, Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals definitely do not take fifiteen minutes - how about doubling that?! In light of the excitement of cooking one recipe out of my collection of cookbooks I'm thinking of starting a weekly link up to encourage people to open up and use those glossy books with the delicious pictures. If anyone is interested I'll see if the hashtag #crazycookbookcollectionconnection takes off and create a linky {which autocorrected to kinky}

Yours in cake, TM

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