29 September 2014

Refresh-a-Baby Product Review

Quite some time ago I was sent a Refresh-a-Baby bottle adapter and finally got around to giving it a test run on Friday. Basically when you've got a refresh-a-baby teat in your bag, you have an instant bottle that your little one can drink from which is very handy because we all know your drink/bottle is way tastier than theirs. Unfortunately though when you share your bottle, the baby normally succeeds in swallowing about a quarter of it and spilling the other three quarters. With the Refresh-a-Baby you simple push the nipple and adapter into your bottle and voila, instant baby bottle.

I suppose the reason I wasn't overly enthusiastic to try it as soon as it arrived as I didn't really see the benefits given Ned's age and our movement towards using sippy cups and regular plastic cups but I may have changed my tune a little. The husband was suitably impressed when I pulled it out at dinner at a restaurant on Friday night and tipped Ned's milk which came with his kid's meal {in a gorgeous little milk bottle} into the same Evian bottle in the pictures allowing him to actually drink said milk and not risk smashing the gorgeous glass bottle.
Please be assured I don't regularly buy Evian water - I bought it for the purpose of this review {which I was not paid for} because it was the smallest bottle I could find at the shop. That may limit which bottle you could use - it would have to be one that your baby/child could hold and tip up.

The Refresh-a-Baby bottle adapters can be bought here.

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