30 October 2014

F U Brain Cancer #helpamamaoutwithzilvi

Just one month ago, Nik from online store Zilvi, posted this on her instagram account.

Each month I'll create a product. When you buy that product, proceeds will be donated to a Mama, Dad, Baby or entire family who need a little help from us. Items will be $10. Items will be super cool. ✌️#zilvi #helpamamaoutwithzilvi

Given that Zilvi has only been in operation for four months that is a tremendously generous, kind-hearted and potentially huge project to undertake. Basically, Nik won't make much, if any profit out of this project but let's hope the exposure helps her grow her business exponentially. Her stuff is unique, fun and handmade with love and I know I will be purchasing something very soon for my guest room makeover.

Nik kindly chose my twin sister and her husband Brad for the inaugural #helpamamaoutwithzilvi campaign. When I asked my sis to provide a bit of a story for Nik to share on her instagram account Ness sent me this text:

Brad and Vanessa married in Feb this year, 6 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter and expecting baby number 3 Nov 6th. 2 months after returning from honeymooning in Hawaii, Brad started having headaches and after a few scans 2 malignant brain tumours were discovered. Two surgeries have been done so far on only the one tumour as the other is in too dangerous a position. Hasn't been able to work since diagnosis 96 months) and is not able to drive for at least 12 months.  Has some speech/language issues since 2nd surgery... Has turned lives upside down as day to day activities are hard to complete without having to rest. Median life span for this particular tumour is 13-14 years. 

This story {albeit worded better} has been shared now multiple times on instagram which has resulted in Vanessa and Brad's story reaching a large amount of people. You see I don't Nik realises just how much of an impact she is making. Vanessa and Brad {and I} continue to be completely overwhelmed by the social media community and how so many people are jumping on board this fundraiser. All proceeds from this amazing project will be donated to an account aiming to raise $20,000 which will go directly to Vanessa and Brad. 

 Last night Zilvi released for sale a wood and feather tassel keyring aptly referred to on social media as #afeatherforbrad. These will only be available until 8pm QLD time on the 30th November and can be purchased here. Nik will then donate all profits to Brad's registered donation pageSpending an insignificant $10 on this item will make a significant difference to the Cronk's life. You can also donate directly here

This campaign also gave me the inspiration to get the ball rolling on an online raffle/auction fundraiser and I've already got quite a few amazing businesses on board {and some extra exciting ones that I can't yet reveal.} I am continuing to contact more to get the final prize list finalised and more details will be released soon but if you know any business who might like to donate products, store credit, services, or even accommodation please get them to contact me via traineemama@hotmail.com.

These last few months have been such a roller-coaster for our family and this has really given us all hope for the future. I know Brad and Vanessa can't thank people enough for all of their kind thoughts, prayers, wishes and donations.

This time next Thursday Vanessa will be getting prepped for her c-section to bring Adam and Mila's 'baby brudda' into the world. I can't wait to meet him and for him to meet his amazing parents. With all the horrible things going on in the world at the moment this project sure does give you faith in humanity and community spirit.

wedding pics by Jane Gilbey Photography

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