29 October 2014

Mama Wardrobe: Here's the news, I let him choose

I took the bold step of letting my husband choose my outfit yesterday morning and from quite a few reports, most think he did well and some even suggested that I gave him a bit of guidance or help {which I didn't!} He wasn't as enthusiastic as I wanted him to be but when I asked him what I should wear he said 'skirt and top' ... So I got my skirts out and he narrowed it down to two ... and then followed with sleeveless tops because of this ridiculous heatwave we are currently having. He decided on the shoes and that I should wear my hair up but declared himself out when I started talking about earrings and bangles.

sunnygirl top | ally skirt | urban soul heels | ray ban specs | goldmark earrings

Are you game to let a man in your life choose an outfit for you to wear in public?

Join me with the hashtag #heresthenewsilethimchoose

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