14 October 2014

Superb Sunshine Coast - Caloundra Music Festival

I spent the Sunday of the long weekend a couple of weekends ago partying it up with my bestie, Katy, at the Caloundra Music Festival and didn't we have a blast?!

She had already been plastering photos on instagram showing off  her exploits hob-knobbing it with the fancy folk who were either VIPs or had enough money to upgrade to a Kings Club club ticket and boy was I excited to join her.

I chose the Sunday as one of my favourite bands {Thirsty Merc} was playing and they did not disappoint. The opening track 'In the Summertime' certainly got the crowd excited and as the tracks rolled on so did our bopping, singing and general cheeriness. They even played Cold Chisel's My Baby which was the first song that trainee daddy and I {and all of our guests} heard after being pronounced husband and wife. Cider-fuelled plans were made {and probably promptly forgotten} when they announced they would be returning to the Sunshine Coast to play at the Woombye pub in November. Tickets are $35 and can be bought here.

Next up was a Melbourne band called Wagons. I felt a bit sorry for them after the crowd dissipated once Thirsty Merc had finished their set so convinced Katy to join me out in the sunshine down the front of the stage for a bit of a boogie in support of this seemingly talented band. What great fun they were! Super entertaining with catchy tunes, the most memorable and oh, so jolly being a little tune named Willie Nelson ... have a listen to a very subdued version here.

James Reyne rocked the stage next and at first I wasn't all that excited about his performance thinking I only knew one song of his - that being his collaboration with James Blundell, 'Way Out West' ... well that song didn't make the cut but a whole heap of other songs I was familiar with did - those songs originally performed with his band, Australian Crawl. He belted out killer performances of iconic Aussie pub songs like Reckless, Down Hearted and The Boys Light Up and I think got the organisers in a bit of a spin when he decided to do a bit of an encore!

As the sun was going down we headed over to to a different stage to get our possie for the Baby Animals and Wolfmother. The Kings Club ticket was AMAZING - our own sectioned off area right at the side of the stage as well as private bar and toilets and for the day, it was an extra $50 and well worth it.

The Baby Animals played probably my favourite set of the day. I had very little recollection of their 90s hits {even though that is my favourite decade for music}, more-so being familiar with the band due to the reference in the Australian movie Muriel's Wedding

"This is the 90's. We listen to the baby animals. And Nirvana."

Surprisingly, I knew more of the songs than I thought and so very much enjoyed the show, mostly due to the lead singer, Suze DeMarchi's amazing live voice and stage presence. And seriously, WHAT A BABE. If Wikipedia is correct, this amazingly rad woman is fifty bloody years old! Man, if I can be even a tiny bit as cool as she is in 19 years time I will be one happy {and slightly cool}lady. UN-FREAK-UN-BELIEVABLE. She even had me contemplating chopping my hair into a short do just so I could run my fingers through it like she did.

Wolfmother closed the night perfectly.

And I was spent and ready for bed. This mama can't handle long days of drinking and partying any more!

It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday, especially when I got to dance like an idiot with one gal who I am oh so lucky to have met.

Cheers Katy Potaty and Caloundra Music Festival. Let's do it again next year, huh?

Excuse the poor video quality of my about-to-die Iphone 4. 

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