05 November 2014

#helpthecronksconquercancer Raffle Contributor: I Make Jelly

I Make Jelly is the brainchild of Josie: a mum, wife and graphic designer who in her spare time, designs and creates one-of-a-kind personalised name art, custom prints and customised tram banners. Amazingly, she does this on top of managing a day job, an active six year old and a hunter-gatherer husband. It's a real passion for Josie and that passion is evident in the quality and uniqueness of each of the fabulous products she offers for sale. 

I just started perusing the I Make Jelly facebook albums to seek out some christmas gifts and think you should too!

Josie has kindly donated a personalised wooden flag for the raffle. Each flag is limited edition, fully customised and the perfect gift for those hard to buy for people in your life. Pictured are just some of the ways you could personalise the flag if you won this prize {or if you decide to buy one} | I love the suburb/postcode combination.

Josie says:
I read the post on @zilmi's post on Instagram about Brad, Vanessa and their (almost three) children. I guess I wanted to help to do anything I possibly could to make sure this families life may be made a tiny bit easier with my donation. Just from one mum and dad to another. 

Thanks again Josie - I can't wait to see what the winner chooses!

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