27 January 2015


I've always been the first one to point out my flaws and discount compliments much to the disgust of my family and friends.

With a healthy appetite for food {good and bad} and wine, combined with a love of exercise and sport, my weight has remained steady for years. Before getting pregnant I was looking and feeling super fit and could almost say I was happy with my body. I suppose teaching and participating in multiple classes at the gym each week helped my mind and body get to that place.

I'm not really sure how much weight I put on in my pregnancy but would estimate it to be around 15 kilograms. I could be dreaming but I really think I was starting to develop a bit of a six-pack!

I was not one of those people that loved being pregnant but I didn't have anything to complain about either. I wasn't sick and I think my belly was just fine. Ned was born a couple of weeks after that last photo. 

I got back into the gym as soon as I could {eight weeks to be exact} and the weight naturally fell off over time. I wasn't too concerned about getting back in to shape within a certain time frame and nearly eighteen months on, I'm feeling good. These images were taken last week {without my permission I must add!} which surprisingly have me in a pretty good place about my body.  I'm not perfect but who is? There is cellulite, there is a mummy tummy and there are love handles.

But, I live an enjoyable life mostly free from restriction. And I have a beautiful, happy baby boy to show for it.

I don't know about you but the talk of 'when is the next one coming?' has me feeling a little selfish. I've just got my life, my sleep and my body back. Why would I want to do it all again?!

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