02 February 2015

Mama Wardobe | the 2015 edition

When you stare into your substantial, and mostly organised walk in wardrobe {with just your clothes - trainee daddy's clothes live elsewhere {in chaos, I might add}} on a Monday and have that nothing to wear moment, what do you do?

Select a pair of printed pants from your extensive collection, find a tank, slap on some sandals and you're ready to rock n roll. Or in my case, head to work.

Alternatively, you could also find whatever clothes match your breakfast of choice {in my case a spinach, frozen green apple, mint, lemon juice and water smoothie} and roll with that.

Did you spot my beautiful Make A Wish necklace sent to me by the lovely team at Najo? It's part of their Valentines Day collection and knowing that I won't be receiving anything on that day in a couple of weeks time makes it even more special.

What will you be wishing for this Valentines Day?

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