06 January 2015

Toddler Wardrobe | Surfstich

Surfstitch's marketing peeps deserve some recognition .. they sure do know how to suck people in with their amazing service, next day postage and AMAZING discounts. The latest email to reach my inbox was a mystery kind of discount offering either 20, 25 or 30% further discount off sale items so I went in and added some items to my cart to see what my special discount was.

An extra 30% later and master Ned will receive this pack of goodies tomorrow.

Ned is
1. lucky that I've sort of run out of clothes in his size. I actually sized up in most things in the hope that they will last through till next summer.
2. lucky that his mum loves to dress him up

Actually I'm sure he doesn't care. I bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt from Best & Less the other day and he LOVES it. I on the under hand REFUSE to buy him anything more in that 'character' style - at least until he can speak and chuck tantrums in the shops when I won't buy him what he wants.

Till then ... Gnarly Dude.
Toddler Boys Fashion from SurfStitch
*not sponsored

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