23 February 2015

Never Have I Ever: Smacking

I honestly never thought I'd be a smacker.

Back in the 80s and 90s it wasn't uncommon to hear the term 'go get me the strap' {belt}in our house. Who knows what my older brother, twinnie and I got up to to deserve being threatened with a belting {see what I did there?!} but it happened on the odd occasion. Although uncommon in our house, many friends have shared stories of getting whacked with a wooden spoon {and it consequently breaking upon impact} or whatever kitchen utensil was the nearest to grab. Back then it was probably more uncommon for your parents not to give you the occasional whack but these days, most people are too afraid to admit it. To be honest, I recall a day where dad made my brother and I sit in his room and decide who was responsible for some sort of naughty behaviour far more memorable and horrible than getting a tap on the hand or bum. That was five hours of hell and I think neither of us budged/owned up. It probably then resulted in a whack for the both of us and we went back to riding our bikes on the street or playing Alex Kid in Miracle World on the SEGA master system. I would have preferred the smack.

I swore to myself that after listening to that phrase regularly as a kid and really thinking about how ridiculous those words are, I would never use them myself. I mean c'mon, do you think I'm going to say yes when you ask me if I want a smack? Um, no.


Amongst be careful!, NO, and that's dangerous,  the term  Do you want a smack? comes out of my mouth far too often.

Yes, I've given Ned a smack across the hand more than once or twice, and a whack on the bum {cushioned by a nappy} and I've not afraid to admit it.

What did make me question my behaviour?

It wasn't being frowned upon by other supposed 'angel' parents, or social media reports, or articles written by parenting experts, but receiving a smack in response/retaliation from my cheeky little eighteen month old. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Perhaps I best get my nose stuck into these books left on my desk. Thanks for the birthday pressie boss.

What are your go-to methods of discipline?

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