26 April 2015

Sunshine Coast Coffice: Waterline Espresso

Waterline Espresso is new on the scene {literally, three weeks new} on the Sunshine Coast and has an enviable and I'm willing to bet, almost unbeatable location.

Situated on Gympie Terrace and floating over the beautiful Noosa river, Waterline Espresso shares its space with T Boat Hire situated on the river side of the roundabout at Gympie Terrace and Weyba Road in Noosaville.

Not only is the location amazing, the Toby's Estate coffee is delicious and there are a range of treats available if you dare to indulge.

Ned and I enjoyed a piece of gluten free banana bread with our beverages and it was quite literally one of the best banana breads I've ever had {and trust me, I've had a few} ... I probably could have fit in an almond croissant too but didn't want to be greedy {nor waste the yoga session I'd completed immediately prior to our visit}.

The team are already looking at expanding by adding a deck to the ocean side of the river allowing even more stunning space to sit, relax {or if you have to, work} in the amazingly picturesque and peaceful location.

Coffee addicts and locals can enjoy their eighth coffee free, and as much time as they like to surf the web, read the paper or attempt to relax with an over-enthusiastic toddler in tow. Even better, the shop opens at 5:00am every morning - perfect for your pre-or-post workout hit.

Water is provided for both humans and pets as well as heaps of comfy seating and shade. There is also plenty of parking nearby - try the centre parking in Weyba Road if you get stuck.

As with all places featured on #sunnycoastcoffice, free wifi is available.

Location: 290 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville {Sunshine Coast, QLD}

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