18 May 2015

Sharing Memories with Picture Pockets

I am always taking photos. I never get them printed.

On last count we had two, yes two photos printed from our wedding which was three and a half years ago. And those photos are amazing. Not to mention just one photo from our engagement shoot, and absolutely no printed shots from scrumptious Ned's newborn shot when he was ten days old. 

Just after Christmas while holidaying on the northern NSW coast, I admired a collage of photos hanging on a door at my father-in-law's partner's house. I had to know what this amazing invention was and where to get it from.

Introducing Picture Pockets

Plastic sleeves for your pics / artwork making it SO easy to hang those memories and then update/switch as required. All you do is slide your photo in and you're done. There are a range of sizes and orientations available and they are really affordable - all products in the range are under $25.00. Picture pockets makes displaying your pictures so much easier than framing meaning it's perfect for renters too. There is even a magnetic option for your fridge! What I've found fantastic is showing Ned pictures of his relatives that he doesn't see very often and reminding him who they are. Just the other day he recognised his Nanna which I'm sure she'll be thrilled about. More than that though, I get to walk past here all the time and reflect on the times and memories that the images represent.

apologies for the poor lighting

The Australian distributor is miPhoto {who have a range of other great products} and they'd like to offer you a 20% discount on your order. They would just love if you could tell four people about your purchase via any method so that we can spread the word about these cool products. MiPhoto are over on facebook too {here} so give them a like!

Use the coupon code TELL4 to receive the discount. 

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