02 July 2015

Life with Kids | The Essentials : Pain Medication

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Nurofen.

One of the first things that any mother will tell you is to always have some sort of children's pain relief/medication in your medical kit. I naively didn't fully take heed of this advice until teething struck and the husband was sent on a mad dash to the late night chemist to stock up.

If I'm being really honest {and that is the essence here at Trainee Mama}, I've been known to dose Ned up on medication before bed at the possibility of him having a bad night.

Bad mama? Perhaps.

Mama who loves her baby as well as a full nights sleep. Definitely.

Whether it be a temperature, teething or cold and flu symptoms {we're currently faced with the latter two and it's a killer combo I tell you {sense the sarcasm?}}, I never hesitate in providing Ned some relief via the liquid gold that is children's medicine.

See those eyes?

Beautiful, Yes. Even more beautiful when the Nurofen comes out. It's like some fairy godmother has appeared and put sparkles in his eyes. Kids LOVE the stuff. If it was kept in a cupboard that Ned could reach I'm sure he would be swigging it out of the bottle illegally whenever I was out of sight. Some parents may question the flavouring but I'm 100% supportive of it. Having a child sick or in pain is stressful enough without having to think about how to administer pain medication. I would much prefer a child who jumps up and down at the initial sight of the medicine bottle and then follows that up with a 'yum' and then a very enthusiastic 'more', than a child who has to be tied down or put in a straight jacket.

New parents, take note. Grab some nurofen and keep it in the cupboard. You'll be the luckiest parents alive if you never need to use it, but lucky if it's on hand should the occasion arise that you do need to use it. 

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