12 July 2015

Sleep Training with the Gro-clock

Probably the thing that new {and some not so new} parents talk about the most is sleep. Or lack thereof.

There are quite a few kids around Ned's age at my gym creche so it's a great avenue to connect on all things toddler.

When one of the mothers told me that her daughter slept in till 7am I was gobsmacked and insanely jealous. With a child who has no concept of sunrise being an acceptable time to get up, I'm often tripping over toys on my way to get him out of his cot in the dark. What was that mother's secret?

The Gro-Clock.

A clock that you individually program to display the stars for nighttime or time to go to sleep, and the sun for morning or time to get up. The concept is to get your children to stay in bed for longer by playing quietly in their room until the clock changes from blue (night) to yellow (day). You can even set two separate wake up times if your routine is different on weekdays and weekends or even for the daytime nap {don't even talk to me about the day time nap at the moment}. The screen display brightness is adjustable, there is an option to show the time digitally and a fun illustrated story book is included in the box to complement the clock.

Has it worked for us? In the sleeping/waking up regard, not yet, but we will persist. The age guide is 2+ years so I may have been expecting a little too much of Ned to 'get it' before that milestone. Ned however can now very clearly say sun and stars and not so accurately say clock {cock}.

I would highly recommend this product to all parents and encourage you to keep trying if it doesn't work straight away. You can purchase the Gro-Clock online or from a variety of instore stockists.

Tip: don't set a drastic change in wake-up time straight away. My mum friend who is using it successfully says a gradual increase worked for them.

The Gro-Company also sells a range of baby products and we used their gro-bags extensively until Ned decided he was too grown up for that.

Do you use the Gro-Clock? Has it worked for you?

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