17 August 2015

Style your home for less with Canvas Factory

I recently ordered the bottom canvas from Canvas Factory and love seeing this image every day providing such warmth and joy to my living room. 

The Canvas Factory offer both pre-designed and personalised canvases for amazing prices. Like seriously {70% off} amazing. On top of that, they are continually sending deals and discounts via email meaning you can decorate your home on the cheap, leaving room in the budget for that wow piece of furniture, rug or new TV. Sometimes these offers exceed the standard 70% off so getting your new favourite photo printed is a no-brainer.

The quality is on par with other canvases I have ordered via places like Snapfish and Big W and as long as your photo resolution is decent, the quality will be the same. 

Shipping is from Asia but you wouldn't know it as it is super quick. Canvases are really well packaged too so there is no need to be concerned about damage. 

Placing your order is simple - either via your hard drive, USB or directly from social media and if you want you can even use the free editing tools before finalising your image.

Would I recommend? Definitely! 

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